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Sustainable elements in the Suite

Sustainable elements in the Suite

Earth Suite – the sustainable elements

The Earth Suite has been designed and decorated with full attention to detail, circularity and sustainability. Every element in the Earth Suite, regardless of the scale, is sourced, crafted or designed sustainably. The materials used either have an environmentally friendly origin or created from the materials that appeared during the renovation of the hotel, upcycled to a new, functional purpose. Another aspect of the sustainable approach to interior design is the selection of durable materials able to last through years of wear and tear.

The furniture design is provided by Mater, including lighting and accessories which are solid, sustainable and ethically sourced, produced with care and incredible techniques that minimize the footprints on our planet. Another furniture such as the Noa bed produced by Auping follows Cradle to Cradle philosophy in the production.

It has been important for us to create a luxury suite, that is both comfortable and functional, in order to make the guest feel like home, and meet their needs.

In the Earth Suite there is everything the heart desires, and at the same time, we have seized the opportunity to do things a little differently and create a truly sustainable luxury suite. As a guest you will probably fell that, nothing is left to chance or routine in the suite.

In the Earth Suite you can relax, but we also welcome the guest in a surprising décor that can inspire and spread joy. 

The interior of the Earth Suite is a response to its historic surroundings and to the world as it is today. We have created a suite, that matches the old architecturally beautiful central post office building in which it is places. When you enter the suite, there is no doubt about where in the world you are – Copenhagen. That is why we have emphasized a Scandinavian look.

With its sustainable efforts, the Earth Suite is a response to the time we live in. We want to show that with sensible choices and environmentally friendly solutions, we do not have to compromise our well-being.

In the Earth Suite, you get as much luxury as in other suites. All surfaces and furniture are of the highest quality. Guests need to feel at ease, which is why the modern design of the suite is complemented by warm colors, soft natural materials and exclusive fabrics.”
Eva Harlou

Highlights from the suite

Worth highlighting from the Earth Suite is the ‘Earth paste’ which is the ‘painting’ on the walls made from reclaimed crushed bricks – a simple waste stream from the renovation of Villa Copenhagen. The lamella wall which is a dominant feature in the suite is made from either reclaimed wood from the original roof or FSC certified wood. Another significant aspect working on a sustainable interior project like Villa, is to use materials that have the lowest impact on the environment and a long lifespan. Processing clay into flooring brick tiles does not require extensive resources and only uses natural material and it’s possible to re-enter the material in a circular economy without any environmental impacts.

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