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Earth Studio

Earth Studio

About Earth Studio

Earth Studio is a Copenhagen based design and architecture studio founded by Danish architect Eva Harlou and the ethical furniture manufacturer brand, Mater A/S. Earth Studio strives to design spaces and products with respect for our people and the environment, in an attempt to minimize our carbon footprints and securing a better tomorrow. Earth Studio is on a mission to create partnerships with larger international companies exploring the possibilities of turning their waste into valuable interior solutions. Earth Studio investigates new methods in order to design functional interior from the companies’ low-value waste materials and facilitating a circular economy process both honouring the companies’ climate action strategies and the United Nations sustainable development goals. So far, Earth Studio is collaborating with CarlsbergNovo Nordisk, Legoland Nordic Choice Hotels. Earth Studio has designed a wide range of sustainable projects such as hotels, restaurants, office spaces and showrooms.

Earth Studio is honouring the United Nations sustainable development goal

Earth Studio follows and gets inspired by the guidelines from the United Nations sustainable development goals - both in terms of design strategy and execution using responsible production methods, supporting partnerships for the goals, life on land and below water.

Villa Copenhagen x Earth Studio Collaboration

Earth Studio’s collaboration with Villa Copenhagen was an ideal partnership as both parties share the same ambitions and sustainable goals. The partnership was a great opportunity for Earth Studio to design and realize an interior space reflecting what we care the most for and specialize in; environmentally friendly spaces and design.

We are hoping to show our guests that sustainability can go hand in hand with luxury, comfort and all-in-all unforgettable hotel experience. Regardless of the project, we always set out to create the design and interior of the highest quality. There are certain things you expect as a visitor when you book a luxury suite; high comfort, surprising elements that make your life easier and better, and that extra touch of elegance and aesthetics to support the overall experience.

It is our duty to take care of the environment and use our expertise to do better, but it is also vital to us, as architects, that the suite is memorable for other reasons than its environmentally friendly features. It must be an incredibly experience and we want to introduce fun and playful elements to the space. 

It was an ideal time and place for Earth Studio to do a sustainable and environmentally friendly hotel suite, as Copenhagen is known as a green city that values and promotes environmental initiatives. The Earth Suite is a space for us to showcase new, sustainable designs and introduce new and innovative solutions. It’s extremely inspiring to be part of a partnership in a city, pioneering when it comes to sustainable hospitality, local innovation and the future of design.

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